Custom Modified Footwear

We make our orthotics on-site. This ensures that turnaround time is as quick as possible– as soon as one day. If you’re in pain, we don’t want you waiting weeks for your orthotics! The same people you meet to evaluate your feet are the same people who make your orthotics and adjustments.

If you don’t see what you want, ask us about it! We make custom shoes and sandals to suit your needs. We can also modify dress and casual shoes.

Almost any footwear can be customized…

Don’t forget that we can fit orthotics to almost any type of shoe, boot, sandal etc. Every sport from golf to running requires a different type of footwear. With a custom orthotic made to fit your shoe, you avoid problems with body alignment during your sporting activities.

We carry many types, styles and colours in stock, including high quality footwear made by:

Accu Ped Orthotics & Footwear

We use the latest technology.

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