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Orthotics are not just for foot pain. If you're out of alignment, your whole body can suffer--the arches flatten, ankles break down, the knees bend inward, the hips drop, and the back tries to compensate, straining muscles from the lower back to the shoulders.Many kinds of pain can be alleviated with orthotics, including back, hip, ankle and knee.

We have a background in kinesiology, so don't just assess your feet and the way you walk. It’s a total assessment of many factors from the neck down. We can offer exercises to help with pain and discomfort. With every patient, we can take these different factors into account (you may not need orthotics). We take the extra time with you to get a full assessment and give any advice you may need.

We can digitize the shape of your foot with a weight bearing cast, taken while you are standing. This gives an extremely accurate measurement – within a fraction of a millimeter! We also offer footwear options in stock so you don’t have to go elsewhere.

Effective, Accurate, Timely

We provide full service. The measurement and production of your orthotic is done quickly and accurately right in our on-site lab with the most up-to-date technology on the market today; we have recently upgraded our CAD/CAM laboratory with a recent expansion.

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Latest Technology

Our latest applied computer advancement is a much improved process compared to older techniques which relied on interpretation and measuring the foot while lying down with no weight on the foot. The computer allows for corrections to be done directly to the foot on the design which improves fit and function of the orthotic.

The final component is our on-site computer controlled mill which digitally produces an orthotic that fits properly and requires less adjustment visits for the patient. The measurement and production of your orthotic is done quickly and accurately right in our on-site lab.

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