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    We offer excellent quality, reasonably priced shoes and sandals of varying styles and colours. Come by our showroom to browse. We also ensure proper anatomical fit of the footwear we offer. Careful attention is given to custom fit the footwear to the anatomical flex point of the individual foot.

    Dress • Casual • Sandals • Athletic

    We have it all… visit our showroom today!

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    Accu Ped Orthotics & Footwear

    Serving the community for over 23 years.

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    We work with WSIB, NIHB & DVA.

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    Our Team

    Richard Daley

    B.Sc. (KIN), C. Ped, C. Ped(C)

    Canadian Certified Pedorthist

    Sean Chapman

    Orthopedic Footwear Specialist

    Hollie Lauder

    Reception/Office Manager

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