Why Choose Accu Ped Orthotics & Footwear

Orthotics are not just for foot pain. If you're out of alignment, your whole body can suffer - the arches flatten, ankles break down, the knees bend inward, the hips drop, and the back tries to compensate, straining muscles from the lower back to the shoulders. Many of these pains can be alleviated with the help of orthotics.

We have a background in kinesiology, so we don't just assess your feet and the way you walk. It's a total assessment of many factors from the neck down. We take all of these factors into account when assessing every patient, and sometimes orthotics aren’t the only solution. We can offer exercises to help with pain and discomfort and even suggest proper footwear that may be an underlying issue. We take the extra time with you to get a full assessment and give any advice you may need.

We can digitize the shape of your foot with a weight-bearing cast, taken while you are standing. This gives an extremely accurate measurement - within a fraction of a millimeter! We also offer footwear options in stock so you don't have to go elsewhere. We manufacture custom orthotics on-site, and typically modifications can be done within one business day. You don't have to wait weeks to receive your orthotics!

Effective, Accurate, Timely

We provide full service. We make our orthotics on-site right in our CAD/CAM laboratory in Peterborough. This ensures that turnaround time is as quick as possible – as soon as one day! If you’re in pain, we don’t want you waiting weeks for your orthotics. The same people you meet to evaluate your feet are the same people who make your orthotics and handle adjustments.

We offer no-obligation consultations. During your initial appointment, we do an assessment from a biomechanical perspective to assess you regarding pain, evaluate treatment options, and provide treatment in order to alleviate pain. All appointments are covered in the price of your orthotics. We do regular follow-ups to ensure all orthotics, footwear, and/or exercises are working. We will also check alignments and make any necessary adjustments to ensure everything is working as it should.

Latest Technology

Our three-dimensional orthotic casting and milling technique is a much-improved process compared to older techniques which relied on interpretation and measuring the foot while lying down with no weight on the foot. The computer allows for corrections to be done directly to the foot on the design which improves fit and function of the orthotic.

The final component is our on-site computer-controlled mill which digitally produces an orthotic that fits properly and requires fewer adjustment visits for the patient. The measurement and production of your orthotic are done quickly and accurately right in our on-site lab.

serving community

Serving the Community for Over 25 Years

For many years, we've been providing custom orthotics to residents of Peterborough.

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